Major Announcement

Two Wild Things Happened Today!!

I spent the day with two wonderful new friends, April and Bex, and upgraded this blog into a beautiful, clean, clear, simple,concise blog that allows Google Friend Connect. I definitively am not done and was not even going to introduce it until the end of next week but then the second Wild Thing happened.

At about 8 P.M. CST Google enabled and opened all my old accounts again including the old blog. No I am not going back there.

In fact if you were:

  • using Google Friend connect to follow that blog, you are now following the new one.
  • If you “liked” my new Facebook page from here, that’s great. I will be adding that link to the new and improved blog in the morning.
  • If you are following this blog my email, you can either choose to follow the new one by email or I will check tomorrow to see if I can transfer those.
  • I also have to change the Networked Blogs links/follows in the morning as well.

If you entered Jennie Bentley’s giveaway here, don’t worry. I will add a form in the post at the new blog tomorrow but I will transfer also your entries from here.

I have added forms to the Giveaway Redo over there and if you had entered them before Dollycas’s Thoughts disappeared last week I now have all of those entries, plus I will also manually add any new ones from this site. No Bonus entries though for those. I just want to get them finished. The forms here were o.k. for you when I got them working but they do not go into a nice spreadsheet like Google Docs. I was adding them manually to a spreadsheet so that is a good thing about having my accounts back.

I also realized that I forgot to add Linda O. Johnston’s The More The Terrier giveaway here, but it is up on the new site.

Yes, I am still not very happy with Google but the joy of blogging is to blog and make friends and share books and ideas. So today has become on onward and upward kind of day.

So I would love for you to go over to and let me know what you think. Remember it is still a work in progress, but it will only have to nice clean columns. No clutter like Dollycas’s Thoughts. Boy I was really getting carried away so this really is a good thing.

It has been a long day and I haven’t even read one word of a book yet. 🙂

Your Escape With A Good Book Travel Agent

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One Response to Major Announcement

  1. Look at you – making such positive progress! Love the look!

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