Contact Me

If you are an author or publicist and have a book you would like me to read, review and feature on my blog, feel free to contact me at

I enjoy all genres with the exception of sci-fi and heavy paranormal.
(No vampires or werewolves please.)

I also love to feature authors from my home state of Wisconsin or stories set in Wisconsin.

I am sorry but am unable to accept e-books at this time.

My reviews will appear in a variety of places besides this blog. I post on, B&, shelfari, Goodreads and Midwest Book Review. Not all reviews are guaranteed to appear at all these sites and if you would like them posted elsewhere I will do my best to meet your requests.

I do my best to review all books I receive in a timely manner. Please know that I will not love every book I receive. I promise to give your book my honest opinion and a fair review. Acceptance of your book does not assure that I will publish a review. Thankfully everyone does not like the same books and authors provide a wide variety. Some books received just may not be “my cup of tea”. In that case I reserve the right to pass you book on to another reviewer if I so choose.

I will never sell a book I receive for review. Most books are given away to my blog followers in contests and blogs hops.

I also host guest posts, interviews, and virtual tours. If you are interested in this type of promotion please let me know in your email. I may also contact you for any of these after I read your book.

I will contact you as soon as possible after receiving your request.

Thank you for visiting Escape With Dollycas Into A Good Book. I look forward to working with you.


3 Responses to Contact Me

  1. Wanda Guenther says:

    New site looks great! Keep up the good work. As with all bad things that have happened, “This too shall pass.” Luv ya!

  2. I have tried to enter all 3 giveaways, I ‘THINK’ I may have gotten the one for Button Holed to go through, but the other 2 keep coming up with Error!

    I am doing the same thing on all three entries, so don’t know if it’s me or something else. If you have more than one entry for me on anything, sorry. I hope it’s just me and not your site again.

    Thank you for hosting the giveaways though.


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